My Journey So Far

My life began in Margate 1976 and although I have moved around a bit I have always returned to Kent.
My love for all things Arty was obvious from an early age. I used to enjoy copying pictures from books and turning my creations into stories in my head as I scribbled away. I studied Art, Photography and Ceramics through to A' level at school and got myself accepted into Art College but I didn't have the patience to persist with education. That was the end of my flirtation with Art for a while. Instead I found myself enlisting in the British Army as an Infinity Soldier with the 1st Battalion Princess of Wales Royal Regiment. My service included tours in Northern Ireland and Zaire until I left just before the Millennium.
A couple more years went by and then I took another important path on my journey. Myself, my wife and her sister bought ourselves round the world tickets and took a year out to travel. My creative button had finally been flicked to permanently on. Sights and experience fueled a need to create, starting with Photography and Drawing. On our return to England I began to re-teach myself how to paint and learned new skills.
Since then I have exhibited in Kent, Surrey and at the Mall Galleries, London. My work has continued
to develop gaining a unique style of its own that often tells a story through a sense of time, place and atmosphere through a multitude of mediums.
Thank You